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ANEGA-Drilling, LLC

JSC  Company "ANEGA-DRILLING" is set-up in June, 2006 at the initiative of group of scientific both industrial workers of institute "BashNIPIneft"  and JS Society "АNК" Bashneft“ for the purpose of creation of the effective service enterprise on the basis of a wide experience and the scientific achievements got for years of work in joint-stock oil company "Bashneft".

In 2011 JSC “ANEGA-DRILLING” became the affiliate company of “Industrial Drilling Rigs” LLC and entered the Group of Companies.

The main role in company formation belongs to group of the geophysical companies led by Open Society "Bаshneftegeofizika", united in "ANEGA-HOLDING".

Today "ANEGA-DRILLING" this versatile service enterprise which along with construction and workover  of oil and gas wells of all appointments is working out of new technics and technologies and renders service on working out of compoundings, delivery of chemical reagents and services in preparation, service, support and control of parameters of drilling flushing fluid,   granting of services in technical support of process of drilling with use of telesystems with hydraulic and cable communication channels,  manufacturing, delivery and installation of wedges-whipstock and etc.

The enterprise unites scientific, technical, industrial departments and services, laboratories, test sites, chemical manufacture, trial manufacture of the drilling   equipment etc.

There are two expeditions In structure of JSC "ANEGA-DRILLING" – Nizhnevartovsk and Usinsk with  drilling brigades, equipped with the equipment created under individual projects of JSC "ANEGA-DRILLING" and under the industrial characteristics exceeding similar equipment, used by other organizations at performance of similar works. JSC "ANEGA-DRILLING" has in the property base of industrial service to Nizhnevartovsk which settles down in territory of 2,5 thousand in sq.m. and incorporates industrial warehouses,  repair shops, and also a housing estate.


                                                     THE BASIC LINES OF ACTIVITY

Construction of wells;

Engineering-technological support;

Delivery of the developed equipment and technologies;

Manufacture and delivery of chemical production;

Drawing up of the design documentation in the field of hydrogeology and development of oil deposits and fields;

The integrated management of the project.


                                                      CONSTRUCTION OF WELLS

Working out of the design-budget documentation on construction of wells;

Drilling of oil and gas wells;

Sidetracking   and   drilling of   horizontal wells;

Construction of additional    and   multibranch wells;

Geonavigating and telemetering support of drilling;

Working out of drilling muds under concrete conditions;

Technics and technologies of underbalanced and coiled tubing drilling;

Technics and technologies of wells casing;

Technologies of wells flow back operations;

Technologies of struggle against   drilling   problems   and   workout;