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JSC "TODAK" (Technological equipment for agriculture)

At present JSC "Todak" is one of the leading engineering innovation of enterprises in Ukraine, developing techniques and technologies on three areas: agricultural engineering, cargo handling and storage equipment, and sales engineering. In modern times, the company can achieve success through the development of engineering, new approaches to marketing to win new markets and niches, developing techniques and technologies in engineering, progressive personnel policies.

The plant is formed team of engineers, who in former times might provide such flagships of the domestic military-industrial complex, as JSC "Lenin's Forge", "Plant" Bolshevik, "SE" factory "Arsenal" SE "plant" Quasar "and" Plant "Mayak ".

Much attention is paid management of the plant development of human capacity to attract talented young people. The necessary material and technical base and a computer to perform the engineering work at the highest technical level, is constantly changing technical equipment, basic production facilities.

The introduction of modern computer-aided management of the enterprise and the full computerization, selective approach to personnel policy and the creation of a progressive system of education and training programs allow OJSC "Todak" to maintain product quality at the highest level and is proud to keep your brand on the market.