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The scientific and manufacturing enterprise UKRNEFTZAPCHAST Ltd. was founded in 1998, is situated in the North Manufacturing Area, the city of Sumy, Ukraine. Our territory takes 3.3 hectare manufacturing and administrative territories are 6990 square meters. Our machinery consists of 70 turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, etc. machine tools, including 9 computer numerical control ones.
There is also procuring, thermal equipment, welding equipment. The basic directions of our activity is design and manufacturing of the equipment for oil-and-gas, chemical, mountain, sugar industries, works in the field of energy-saving, and also repair work in the below fields and service of the equipment manufactured by our enterprise.
In a short time we performed design works and set the manufacturing of products, the majority of which have no analogues in Ukraine and in the CIS countries. Below we present the list of our main products.
- Vibrating riddle LVS-1 with linear fluctuations. It is designed for the initial stage of separating of drilling solution from the out-taken rock. The maximal throughput at drilling with water (net bores 0.16mm by 0.16mm) is 0,045 m3/sec.
- Unit for drilling solution preparation. It is designed for preparation of drilling solution for drilling. Productivity of preparation is 15 m3/hour, of solution chemical reagents is 10 m3/hour.
- Unit for coagulation-flocculation of drilling solution (BKF-1). It is designed for separating hard bodies from drilling solution by means of dosed input of chemical coagulants and flocculants. The BKF provides separating of drilling solutions up to the necessary concentration with the purpose of using it again in the drilling wells. The feed of drilling solution is 5 m3/hour. It is extremely efficient for non-barn (with no wasting) drilling. The BKF should be placed in the immediate proximity from a centrifuge which is the integral part of the drilling equipment.
- Block automated units for preparation and dosing demulsifies and corrosion inhibitors. The Units are designed for the automated preparation and the dosed input of liquid demulsifies and corrosion inhibitors in the pipe-lines of the transport and oil preparation system, with the purpose of in-pipe oil demulsifying, and also protection pipe-lines and the equipment against corrosion. Productivity of the pump weigher depends on the unit time and is no more than 1; 2,5; 16; 25; 100 decimeter3/hour.
- 4-stage unit for separating drilling solution. It is designed for taking drilling solution from the oil well and separating it from the rock while drilling oil and gas wells in the circular net of the drilling units. Throughput is no more than 90 liter/sec.
- Turbo-expander. It is designed for producing of electric power while throttling gas (in the main pipe-line) from high pressure to low pressure (to the consumer). The license number UA20192 (SU1829521A1). Capacity - 100 kw/hours.
- Gear treacle pump NSH 100-5. It is designed for pumping treacles. Feed is 30 м3/hour.
- The hydraulic remover for out-pressing saddles of UNB-600 pump valves. The drive of the remover is hydromechanical. The Pump is GN - 500. Operating pressure in the system is 230 кgf/cm2. Traction effort - 125000 кгс.
- Hydrocyclone GZ-300 from polyurethane is for clearing drilling solutions.
- Wedge deflecting tool OK-146. It is designed for maintenance of the necessary deviation of the milling cutter, cutting and boring tools while drilling "windows" and in-drilling of the new trunk through a surrounding column, diameter 146 mm in the drilling well.
- Slime pump NSHB 160-32. It is designed for swapping hydromixtures with fine fraction of 1000-2200 kg/m3. Feed is 150m3/h. Pressure is 32m.
- Sealings for pumps.
- Spare parts for slime pumps: driving wheels up to diameter 1000, armour disks, cases.
- Spare parts for pumps ZNC--180-1050, ZNC-180-1422, ZNC-180-1900 and others, and repair of pumps.
- Repair of centrifuges for chemical and sugar industry.
- Repair of pumps BBH, compressors BK.
- Repair of various reducers.