BELMZ and its colleagues went to Iran

11.12.2009 BELMZ and its colleagues went to Iran to meet directors and engineers of  “Palaeshgahe Naft-Gas Refinery” and “Petroshimi” (oil and gas company).

11.12.2009 the director of the BELMZ Ukraine and the “Prom Pars Refinery” international company committee of the directors  participant  Mr. Viktor Tretyakov together with the iranian engineers went to Iran and visited  “Palaeshgahe Naft-Gas Refinery” and petrochemical companies “Fazhdre Djam”, “Bid Boland”, ”Ärak”, ”Miankuh” and “Htute Lule Gaze Iran”. After visiting and presentation, the companies have agreed upon the collaboration concerning maintenance, renovation and modernization   of the Iran  gas repressuring station and different turbines spare details , compressors and pumps supply.