For agro machinery industry

OJSC ”Todak” is a leading innovative machine-building manufacture in Ukraine. The manufacture produces:

  • agricultural technique
  • storage equipment

OJSC “Todak” produces precision seed planter STVT -12/8M, STVT -8M, STVT -6M, allowing to make precision sowing of seeds of sugar beet, cotton, soy, corn, rape with simultaneous application of mineral fertilizers. The Customers of seeders get additionally 25% of harvest.

Storage equipment of OJSC “Todak” increases the speed of loading works in 4 times.


  • food-manufacturing industry
  • industrial plants
  • trading deport
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • manufacturers of chemical industry.

For oil and gas industry

The INGP Pars company represents the oil and gas industry equipment manufacturer, including high- technology equipment, centrifuges, compressors and gascompressor units, pumps and gas fitting, and also correspondent spare details for gas-engine-compressor units, units, machine instruments, mechanisms.

The output goods quality conforms the ISO 9001 Standard.

All this makes it possible for us to perform any works with reliability and high quality – from separate unit production to the modern gas-transfer station building.